West Bengal , being a vast and diverse state has always something to offer and its glorious traditions and rich cultural heritage. Besides its cultural heritage, West Bengal also occupies a unique geographical position-an exceptionally varied climate ranging from extreme cold in the Himalayan regions to the heat of plains in the summers.The wealth of cultural tradition extending over thousands of years, the natural surroundings,the architectural masterpieces,the music,dance,paintings,customs,language etc. all make West Bengal a Paradise of India. Uttar Dinajpur right from its birth added a feather to the Map of West Bengal.

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The District of Uttar Dinajpur ( view map) came into existance on 1st April,1992 after the bifurcation of erstwhile West Dinajpur District.The District lies between latitude 25o11' N to 26o49' N and longitude 87o49' E to 90o00' E occupying an area of 3142 Sq. Km enclosed by Bangladesh on the East,Bihar on the West,Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri District on the North and Malda District on the South. Uttar Dinajpur is well connected with the rest of the State through National Highways, State Highways and Railways. NH-31 and NH-34 passes through the heart of the district.The regional topography is generally flat with a gentle southerly slope towards which the main rivers like Kulik, Nagar,Mahananda etc flow.

The Distict forms a part of the basin lying between Rajmahal hills on the East. The older alluvium is estimated to be Pleistocene age.Uttar Dinajpur is bestowed with a very fertile soil.The soil is very rich in nature due to the alluvial deposition which helps to grow Paddy,Jute,Mesta and Sugarcane etc.
Raiganj on the bank of the River Kulik is the District Headquarter where "Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary", the second largest bird sanctuary in Asia situated.

Contact for Matching of DNA Samples of Unfortunate Victims of NATURAL CALAMITIES of UTTARKHAND State in June , 2013 ...

Election Section (CORRIGENDUM) - NOTICE (No. 1123/Elec dated 27.08.2014) : It is hereby informed that the Polling Personnel who were deployed for Poll Duty in connection with the last General Election to the Loksabha, 2014 and WHO HAVE NOT RECEIVED POLLING PERSONNEL ALLOWANCES through their Bank A/C or Cash from Nezarath Section of the Collectorate are hereby SUBMIT THEIR CLAIM IN WRITING to this Office within 15th , September, 2014 - Addl. District Magistrate (Election), Uttar Dinajpur


Draft List of Household Information for Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), 2011 ( Claims and Objection period : 06/01/2014 to 27/01/2014 )

Press Note : National Voter's Day will be observed on 25th January, 2014 in Uttar Dinajpur District

Kanyashree on line Entry : (www.wbkanyashree.gov.in) User Manual for Head of the Institution (HOI) -Click here to download , User Manual for SI - Click here to download , User Manual for SDO / BDO - Click here to download

Admit Cards in respect of Direct Recruitment and Promotional Posts under PRI

Observance of International Literacy Day on 8th September , 2013 in Uttar Dinajpur District, WB

List of Claims and Objections in connection with Special Summary Revision (SRER) 2014... Uttar Dinajpur District
FORM 6 - All ACs
FORM 6A - All ACs
FORM 7 - All ACs
FORM 8 - All ACs
FORM 8A - All ACs

Dalkhola Municipality Election 2013 : Observer and MRO details

Systematic Voter's Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP-II) : Photographs of VRFC, Drawing Competition, Human Chain, QUIZ Contests....Events in Blocks

Systematic Voter's Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP-II) : Schedule of Summary Revision of Electoral Roll , 2014

Systematic Voter's Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP-II) : List of Nodal Officers, Uttar Dinajpur : 2013-14

Blockwise List of beneficiary farmers under One Time Assistance (OTA) Subsidy Scheme during 2012-13 : Dy. Director of Agriculture (Admn), Uttar Dinajpur, Raiganj

Financial Inclusion Plan - Uttar Dinajpur, WB

GIS Maps - Population, SC, ST, Population Density/Literacy, Schools and Madrashas


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